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Editing & Motion Graphics
hello, i’m

Joe Wood

With over a decade of experience in video production, I have a deep understanding of the production process.  It all started when I wanted to be able to make visual effects for the funny movies my friends and I were making in middle school, and I taught myself After Effects. From learning the software, I got a position as a PA in a production house run by a 4-time Emmy award-winning director, along with serving multiple times on tech crew for the Woodstock Flim Festival. Since then, I moved to the capital region of New York where I worked several roles in the production field. I performed as a camera operator for NYRA and over 6 years as a full-time Video Producer for a local advertising agency, serving clients all over the country and Canada. I am extremely proficient in After Effects, Premiere Pro, and many other apps in the Abobe Suite. With my skills and prior experience in the production field, I’m confident that I would be an asset to your company.